Health Coaching is a client-driven relationship between a certified coach and the client. Think life coaching with a focus on health. The purpose is to motivate long-term, positive, healthy lifestyle change. The role of the coach is to listen with intention as the client defines and executes their wellness visions and goals. Coaching provides positive accountability and guidance to assist the client in achieving the goals defined at the onset of the relationship. Working within their scope of practice, with integrity and compassion, the coach is responsible for maintaining positivity and focus while meeting the client where they are to support them as they realize their wellness goals.

Who Is Health Coaching For?

Anyone who wants to make positive changes in their health can benefit from wellness coaching. The focus can be on achieving a physical goal, improving time management, reducing stress, maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet, shifting body composition, improving the impact of lifestyle-related disease, or anything else associated with health and wellness.

Health Coaching can be done in a face to face format or via phone, FaceTime, Skype, or email (in limited capacity).


Why Work With A Health Coach?

Clients work with health coaches to invest in their health and wellness. A health coach provides support and accountability, helping the client to maintain focus while working toward their wellness goals. A six-month investment in coaching will support the client in identifying and achieving multiple health goals.

Coaching relationships are developed through honesty and integrity. The client and coach both agree to open, honest, confidential, and compassionate exchanges. The coach works within their scope of practice, supports the client in individual goals, and directs the coaching conversation in a positive and supportive manner.