Lou Albershardt

Swim Instructor


When did you starting working at The Wave?
October 201

What certification do you hold?
Advanced First Aid and CPR
Water Safety Instructor

Why do you teach swim lessons?
Teaching swimming is teaching a -life skill-

Why are swimming lessons important for adults and children?
Especially this valley – there is so much water – we do not only teach swimming – we teach safety skills and rescue skills for both children and adults

What is your swimming background?
I have loved being in – on – and around water most of my life. I started swimming competitively at age 8 and continued competitive swimming through college. I coached swimming and diving at a small country club for 2 summers

What are your favorite activities and hobbies?
Swimming, Road biking with my husband, XC skiing, walking in the woods around my house and working (playing) in our garden…I also enjoy cooking – I love playing with new ideas, new foods, and recipes