Community Benefit Programs

Scholarship Program

Currently, about 5% of our members are part of The Wave’s scholarship program. These members are unable to afford the full cost of membership and are granted a reduced rate membership based on their financial situation. Using a system similar to the YMCA’s around the country, we have adopted a sliding fee scale that helps local residents enjoy our facility. For anyone to be considered for the scholarship program they must complete an application and provide documentation. Once our administrative staff has the application it can take 2-3 weeks to process and applicants are notified of approval. The scholarship program keeps our administrative staff busy with a constant stream of new applicants, monthly reporting, and yearly renewals.

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School to Pool

The Wave works with the local elementary schools to offer complimentary swimming lessons to students during the school day. Aside from The Wave’s Red Cross Learn to Swim Program the School to Pool program also help our local youth to be safe in and around the water. An added benefit to all swimming lessons is a solid foundation to build from and prepare them for the Wave Ryders Swim Club.

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A+ Student Program

North Valley students are the focus of much of The Wave’s efforts. We offer in-kind donations to nonprofits all over the valley to auction off but The Wave puts a little something extra out there for the students in our community.We have an A+ student program that provides free membership to all A+ students. At the end of each grading period, students can drop their report cards off with membership to earn free membership over the next grading period.


Families of Deployed

Free 6 months Membership

Discounted rates

for honorably discharged Veterans w/military ID