MZ-1 is a feature product of Myzone that delivers heart rate-based effort tracking. The MZ-1 can be used inside a club and is ideal for Boutique and/or functional class/club only operators. The MZ-1 has been specifically designed with the class goer in mind.

The MZ-1 works inside a Myzone enabled club as well as with the Myzone app. The belt also talks to 3rd party apps.

MZ-1 is best applied when,
• Users work out only in a club environment or outside and always have a smartphone with them during exercise.
• Users are seeking a cost effective alternative to keep track of their workouts.
• The club operator wants to build value in paid programming by offering a wearable product bundled into the total package.


MZ-3 is an award-winning physical activity belt of the Myzone product range. The MZ-3 allows users to view their physical activity data on their smartphone via bluetooth or on-screen at a Myzone enabled club using ANT+ technology.

The MZ-3 also allows users to store up to 16 hours of workout data. This means users can exercise outside a club or away from the Myzone app and the MZ-3 will continue to store workout data.

The MZ-3 also connects to 3rd party apps including the Myzone app.

MZ-3 is best applied when the members,
• Users work out in a large club and move between rooms, requiring memory to conveniently capture every heart beat.
• User plays sports or runs outside without carrying smartphone with them. This user requires memory to track his/her efforts.

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Member Pricing


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