Here is your road map towards SUCCESS!

Our #1 goal is to ensure you reach your goals and maximize the investment you’ve made in your health.  Best Start is designed to match you with the solutions and programs at The Wave that you’d enjoy based on your current fitness level and personal goals. 




Regardless of your fitness level, everyone needs a PLAN to achieve their goals. Start with a Best Start Package where we help put you on the right PATH. There's a huge variety of equipment, training options, and classes at The Wave. Learn what's available specifically for your current fitness level and personal goals. Knowing what to do and how often to do it can make or break seeing the results and changes you'd like to see.

Let us be your guide and provide you with focus, making recommendations based on our time together during your Smart Start. Here's what you can expect:

  • One-on-one introductory meeting and follow up with a Certified Fitness Pro.
  • Optional & COMPLIMENTARY InBody scan with review and printout of your starting measurements (normal scan price is $35).
  • Quick discussion of your personal history, including any relevant medical or physical restrictions to exercise (if applicable).
  • Setting realistic goals for the future.
  • Learning about your preferences when it comes to working out. Do you prefer alone? In a group? With a coach? With music?
  • Exercise recommendations based on your current fitness level.
  • Receive recommendations and directions for the specific classes, program options and amenities that will work best for you based on the information you share with us.
  • If time permits experience a short customized workout. Come prepared to exercise.
  • Get your BEST START by submitting the form below!

Personal Training

Working out should be effective and fun. After a FREE consultation of your goals, we will match you with the certified trainer that best suits your needs. This program is extremely personal and all about you.

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Health Coaching

Health Coaching is a client-driven relationship between a certified coach and the client. Think life coaching with a focus on health. The purpose is to motivate long-term, positive, healthy lifestyle change.

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Group Fitness

Group fitness at The Wave is designed to offer programs where all members are free to achieve their desired level of fitness in a safe and motivating environment.

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