What is Dehydration?

The body is made up of roughly 60% water. That’s why it’s so important to stay ahead of Dehydration.

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is a condition caused by the loss of too much fluid from the body. It happens when you are losing more fluids than you are taking in, and your body does not have enough fluids to work properly.

Five Symptoms of Dehydration

  1. Thirst: This is the obvious one but don’t ignore it.
  2. Dark Colored Urine: Pay attention to the colors. They say a lot.
  3. Fatigue: The loss of water from your body can disturb all the essential processes of your body leaving you tiredness, lethargicy, and irritated.
  4. Dizziness or Light Headedness: If you experience this stage, lie down and get fluids.
  5. Headache: Headaches are an indicator of dehydration, which can be treated by re-hydrating yourself by drinking fluids rich in electrolytes.

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