What is Les Mills?

We just kicked off our brand new Les Mills fitness classes and they are a blast. So what is Les Mills and what kind of Les Mills classes does the Wave offer?

They began in 1968 when Les Mills set up a small family gym in Auckland. Three generations on, there are now millions who work out with Les Mills every day, all over the world. Discover how we’ve gone from strength to strength over the last five decades.

In a nutshell, Les Mills Workouts are best described as group fitness classes that make use of choreography and music. Les Mills workouts were well received in New Zealand and they quickly spread to Australia and eventually made their way to the United States and beyond. Les Mills International was founded in 1997 in an effort to expand the reach of the workout program across the globe.

The aim of these exercise programs is to improve the fitness of everyone on planet Earth. Les Mills fans are adamant that they do not feel coerced into exercising. Rather, they credit Les Mills routines with amplifying their passion for exercise. Les Mills workout participants are quick to say just how much they love their fitness routine. These are the types of workouts you will look forward to rather than dread.

What types of Les Mills classes does the Wave offer?

*BodyPump: The ideal workout for getting lean, toned & fit

*Core: Is a scientific core workout for incredible core tone and sports performance.

*Body Combat: Punch & kick your way to fitness.

*Body Attack: Is a whole body workout that burns calories while toning and shaping.

*Body Balance: Improve your flexibility & increase your core strength.

Stop by and try a class or two! They will push you to the max and leave you wanting more!