Top 4 Fitness Routines to Try When Outside


Outdoor fitness has become increasingly popular and is here to stay.

With all the benefits working out outdoors provide, it’s no wonder that’s the case!

But if you’re trying to boost your outdoor fitness routine, what can you do to challenge yourself and get the best out of your workout? What are some exercises that will ensure that you reach your fitness goals as efficiently as possible?

Once you figure this out, it’s out the door, and right into your routine, you go!

So keep reading to learn more. We’ll offer you the top four fitness moves/routines to try when working out outdoors.

1. Scapular Pull-Ups

Unless you’re usurping some children’s enjoyment, using the park can be hugely beneficial to building strength. It’s not always feasible to bring along an adjustable pull-up bar. But there are many parts of a park that you can use as a pull-up bar.

This exercise is fantastic for those who are not even remotely ready to attempt a full pull-up. A scapular pull-up is a beginner progression for pull-ups.

Despite it being a “beginner progression”, it can challenge your body to build the necessary muscles for a full pull-up. Scapular pulls exercise your core, back, chest, shoulder, and bicep muscles.

Given that they tend to be made out of metal, you might want some protective gloves to prevent damage to your hands. But afterward, here’s how you can do a scapular pull-up:

  • Begin in a normal pull-up position with a nearly passive hang
  • Draw scapula down and together, raising your body without bending arms
  • At the “top”, hold for 3-5 seconds before carefully releasing into a dead hang
  • Do this for 2-3 sets with 6-12 reps

2. Pilates

No matter your fitness goals, Pilates is a great fitness system to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and more. Incorporating it into your routine can you create a well-balanced workout.

Pilates workouts are available at various intensities, which is why it’s employed by both fitness experts and those with mobility issues alike. In terms of strength, it’s particularly great at exercising the core. And if you want to focus on lean muscle, Pilates is a fantastic choice.

This system was also created to strengthen the mind. Not only does Pilates improve mental health as exercise generally does, but it can also sharpen mental focus, concentration, and clarity. Here are a few Pilates moves you can incorporate into your routine:

  • Criss-cross crunches
  • Rolling back
  • Sidekick kneel
  • Jack-knife crunch
  • Bicycle crunches

3. Shrimp Squat

For this exercise, you need to have built up plenty of squat strength beforehand. So if you’re barely pulling through doing a few basic squats in a row, it’s best to work your way up a squat progression before attempting this move.

But when done correctly, a shrimp squat is great at sculpting your lower body and also strengthening your balance abilities. If you want some firm and well-tended glutes, then this is the perfect move for you. You don’t need dozens of kilograms and a squat rack to challenge yourself.

Make sure that your form is perfect before you attempt this move. As with all exercises, the incorrect form can cause considerable damage to your muscles and joints. Having a trainer assist you will ensure that you are performing moves safely and effectively.

It’s also a good idea to find a bar to hold onto when first trying out this move. You might need support in case you lack enough balance and strength to fully execute this move. But after you do, here’s how you can do a shrimp squat:

  • Stand straight
  • Curl one leg behind you and reach behind with a hand on the same side to grab your ankle
  • Reach out for the bar in front of you with your free hand
  • Lower yourself by bending your knee, leaning forward as you descend
  • Do this for 2-3 sets with 6-8 reps

4. Lunge Walk

Want a cardiovascular workout while exercising your legs and taking advantage of the space around you? Then doing some lunge walks is sure to wake you and your legs up!

Lunges in general strengthen the lower body while also working the core. Walking your lunges can also help you increase your range of motion, helping you improve flexibility. Doing this can also aid your posture, balance, and cardiovascular health.

So if you’ve got an open field to work with, then take advantage by incorporating lunge walks into your routine. If needed, you can also use resistance bands and added weights to make the routine more challenging. Either way, here’s how to perform a lunge walk:

  • Stand up straight, separating your feet apart at shoulder-width
  • Step forward with one leg and lean back slightly to put more weight on your heel
  • Bend the knee at the front and descend into a lunge position
  • Hold the lunge position for one beat
  • Move your back leg towards the front, repeating the same move as before
  • Repeat, lunging forward with free range of motion without losing your balance
  • Do this for 10-12 reps on each leg with 2-3 sets

Fitness Routines to Amp up Your Outdoor Workout

There are plenty of ways to make your outdoor workouts more interesting. Matter of fact, you don’t need a full weight rack to make the best out of your fitness journey! This guide should have inspired you with a few tips on how to boost your fitness routine, even though they are only a few out of many.

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