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Seasonal Reset

Author: atroughton89 The leaves are falling, the air is cooling off, and as much as I hate to admit it, winter is coming (or if you look outside this week, it feels like it’s already here). I like to think of the change in season as mother nature preparing to reset. In the fall she purges…

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Does a High Protein Diet Really Help with Weight Loss?

“High protein diet”, “eat 25g of protein with each meal”, “eat more protein” — sound familiar? If not, where have you been? By now in your journey toward greater health and fitness, it’s almost impossible to have not heard of high protein diets — ones like the Atkins diet,” “Paleo”, or “the Zone.” You may…

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Hemp Hearts – From Spartan

by Anne L’Heureux, R.D., L.D. Simple Hemp Heart Recipes Avocado Smashed Hemp Toast Ingredients 1 slice of your favorite toast ⅓ of a ripe avocado 1 Tbsp hemp hearts Dash of paprika 3 cherry tomatoes Optional: 1 egg Directions: Place bread in toaster. While it is toasting, mash together your ripe avocado and hemp hearts. Slice…

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