KJ Jellar

Swim Instructor


  • Red Cross Water Safety Instructor
  • Infant self - Rescue ISR


Why do you teach swim lessons?
I started teaching swim lessons when I was 16 to help kids learn that water shouldn’t be feared and with learning the ability to swim it can be a safe and very fun activity.

Why are swimming lessons important for adults and children?
Swim lessons are equally important for adults as it is for children. They teach fitness, safety, emergency actions, and fun. Being able to act on those things at any age should come as second nature with living in a place where it takes less than 10 mins in any direction to get to a body of water.

What is your swimming background?
I grew up on up on Church Slough on the Flathead River.
High school swim 2007-2010
Swim lessons 2006-present
Pool Coordinator at the Bitterroot aquatic center 2012-2013

What are your favorite activities and hobbies?
My favorite things to do are to adventure with my dog Daisy, hunt, fish and swim and any other stereotypical Montana adventure. Eating and naps are also pretty high up there.