What Happens to Your Body Composition When You Starve to Lose Weight

You may have a few (or more) extra pounds you want to lose. What do you do? Naturally, like most people, you turn to tried and true methods of weight loss, diet and exercise. You begin running or hitting the weights a few days a week. You start to tighten ...

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By Finlay Macdonald for Fit Planet

 Ground-breaking new research makes it clear we should look beyond the immediate calorie burn of a workout, focusing instead on crucial longer-term benefits for body composition and metabolism.

 In this era of activity tracking, when we have instant workout data at our fingertips, it’s ...

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Les Mills research: hormonal responses to BODYPUMP study


There are a raft of positive processes taking place in our bodies when we work out but most of the time people just focus on calorie counting. This study delved into how people’s physiological and hormonal responses to two different kinds of workouts compared, even when the calories burned ...

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Riding Towards a Better You: Using Cycling to Improve Body Composition

May 09, 2018

When looking for workouts and exercise modalities to improve body composition, there’s a number of options available to you. These options suit different groups of people based on several factors: convenience, equipment, and facilities required, technical skills required for the activity, and likelihood to cause ...

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Why exercise needs a PR makeover

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