Group Exercise

Group Fitness Training Montana

Group fitness at The Wave is designed to offer programs where all members are free to achieve their desired level of fitness in a safe and motivating environment. Wave Instructors are nationally certified in each format they teach, and many are also part of our highly capable personal training team.

Our beautifully designed studios play host to a variety of classes tailored to meet the needs of our members. More than 50 classes a week are offered in an effort to bring our members and guests the best workouts in an unparalled setting. The very best fitness and sound equipment have been used. All the latest class styles are offered: Cardio & Step, Circuit Training, Indoor Cycling, Pilates, Tai Chi, Water, Senior and many more. All classes that are offered on our schedule are included with membership unless otherwise stated.

Group Fitness/Aerobic

Group Fitness/Aerobic classes range from our low intensity ‘Fit for Life’ aerobics, to medium intensity step and kickboxing, and everything in between.

Group Cycling

Group Cycling has its own studio that overlooks the recreation pool. Join us for an invigorating, fun workout in one of many indoor cycling classes featuring “LeMond” bikes.  Our classes are suitable for beginner to advanced exercisers. It is a great way to cross train and add versatility to your workout. 

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics are offered in both the warm pool and recreation pool. Choose from lower intensity toning and conditioning classes to high intensity cross training classes-challenging your cardiovascular and muscular capacity in both deep and shallow water. Our class schedule is designed for all levels of fitness. You will find arthritis classes, rehabilitation programs, cardio classes and much more in our water aerobics schedule.

Mind/Body Classes

By emphasizing the mind-body connection, yoga and Pilates both promote "mindful movement.”  These classes develop focus and concentration while simultaneously allowing the body to relax and relieve stress. Pilates and yoga both increase flexibility, strength and balance. Both can result in long, lean muscles, combined with truly functional fitness. Yoga centers on poses, while Pilates uses movements. Yoga emphasizes flexibility over strength and Pilates emphasizes toning over flexibility -- both styles will enhance all of these areas. Also try Tai Chi and/or Ballecore.