Personal Training

4 Signs Your Glutes Are Too Weak

Plus, four exercises that will help you rev up your rear. Your glutes are much more than just cushy pillows to sit on: They’re the most important muscle group in your body. “The glutes are our stabilizers,” says Briana Kline, Pilates instructor and founder of Roots of Integrity in Chicago. “They’re what push us forward…

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Weighing the Facts: When Should You Work Out?

Talk to some people about when the best time to work out is, and they’ll swear that mornings are best.  They’ll tell you getting out of bed earlier has all sorts of benefits, like making you more energized in the morning, feeling better throughout the day, and so on. Then, you’ve got the people on…

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Riding Towards a Better You: Using Cycling to Improve Body Composition

When looking for workouts and exercise modalities to improve body composition, there’s a number of options available to you. These options suit different groups of people based on several factors: convenience, equipment, and facilities required, technical skills required for the activity, and likelihood to cause injury or exacerbate previous injuries to name a few. On…

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