How Do Different Exercises Impact Your Body Composition?

Despite the tremendous amount of medical research produced in recent years, preventable chronic diseases continue to impact countless families. The most common health condition that is currently on the rise, being obesity. Obesity is defined as being excessively fat or overweight with the cornerstones of obesity treatment as diet and exercise. With that being said,…

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3 Most Important Muscles for Staying Independent

By Lou Schuler | August 9, 2017 Turns out that healthy, active aging begins in the butt. Keep yours strong with this workout plan. If you pay attention to popular culture, you can’t help noticing that the kids seem obsessed with gluteals. Butt implants are a booming business, and a photogenic booty can turn anybody into…

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Free Weights vs. Bodyweight: Which is Better?

So you’ve got your diet and cardio routines down, or you have a plan, and you’ve been researching strength training. You know that it’s something every well-rounded exercise program includes, so you know you should have it in yours, too. But in your research, you’ve found that there’s a debate — one between which training…

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What Does Hot Yoga Do For You and Your Metabolism?

Hot yoga, also known as Bikram yoga, is one of the latest trends in the world of exercise. Traditional yoga, the kind that’s not done in a 105-degree room, has been around for a while. Experts say it originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. It’s still popular today, and for a good number of…

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Heidi Powell Has the Best Advice for Getting Rid of Your Tummy Pooch

(Photo: Instagram/@RealHeidiPowell) Author and co-host of Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi Powell, shares her best tips for moms who want to get rid of their “mommy pooch.” Check them out below! If you’ve had a C-section or a hysterectomy, and you are struggling with the surgical battle wounds, this post is for YOU! Now don’t stop reading if this isn’t…

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4 Signs Your Glutes Are Too Weak

Plus, four exercises that will help you rev up your rear. Your glutes are much more than just cushy pillows to sit on: They’re the most important muscle group in your body. “The glutes are our stabilizers,” says Briana Kline, Pilates instructor and founder of Roots of Integrity in Chicago. “They’re what push us forward…

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