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What’s Better for Dehydration: Water vs Sports Drinks

Water makes up about 60% of your bodyweight and is the most important chemical in your body. It’s involved in everything, from regulating your internal temperature to protecting sensitive tissues and cushioning joints. Every single cell, tissue, and organ depends on proper hydration to function optimally.  When your body lacks enough water to function properly, it’s known as…

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All About Blood Pressure: Methods and Readings

Walk into your family doctor’s office for a physical examination. Of the many tests that may be performed, your blood pressure will almost certainly be checked. This is because blood pressure is a well-known measurement of cardiovascular health that gives insight into the inner workings of your heart, and your overall state of health. When…

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Winter Brain Fog Is Real. Here’s How to Beat It

By Hannah Chenoweth | February 26, 2019 Research shows that cognitive performance declines during winter and early spring. Adopt these simple strategies to stay sharper than ever, no matter the season. It’s no secret that most people feel like hibernating in the winter, but new research reveals your memory may actually go into hiding during the…

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