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What Exactly Does Kombucha Do For You?

Drinking kombucha, it’s true, has become a bit of a fad lately. You can find this fermented beverage in most health food stores, farmers markets, and even your local grocery store. If you can buy it at the gas station, you can be sure it’s popular. Yet kombucha, however faddish, does have beneficial effects on your health.…

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Seasonal Reset

Author: atroughton89 The leaves are falling, the air is cooling off, and as much as I hate to admit it, winter is coming (or if you look outside this week, it feels like it’s already here). I like to think of the change in season as mother nature preparing to reset. In the fall she purges…

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Does a High Protein Diet Really Help with Weight Loss?

“High protein diet”, “eat 25g of protein with each meal”, “eat more protein” — sound familiar? If not, where have you been? By now in your journey toward greater health and fitness, it’s almost impossible to have not heard of high protein diets — ones like the Atkins diet,” “Paleo”, or “the Zone.” You may…

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